Who are we?

Azure Knight Games is a new gaming company founded in the queen city of Buffalo, NY.

We are three geeks with a lifelong love of gaming of all sorts. After spending years like so many other players absorbing game, after game, we decided we wanted to try to create our own games. We had collectively been playing games of all genres, from traditional RPGs to family board games, hard core table top games, collectable miniature battle games. If there was a genre out there we have probably tried it.

If you're here reading this, we are guessing that doesn't really make us any different than you! Our fans!

We understand the passion gamers feel, the joy over an incredible gaming moment. That sense of coming home when you step into a gaming store...or better yet, a gaming convention.

After so many years of talking about making a game, or perhaps giving it a bit of a go, we decided to really go for it. We are proud to be here before you with the hopes that we can make some of those gaming moments together, with you.